Tofu mousse with sesame

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Tofu mousse with sesame has a delicate texture, carrying a light and mysterious taste from the East, looking for new and bold combinations with bread, crackers and other crunchy foods.

The mousse is the perfect substitute for dairy products, cream cheese, mayonnaise and more.

The two-headed raven carefully ensures that each sesame seed is excellent and brings out ideas that will create a fantastic taste for each new dish.




Ingredients: tofu (soy, water, nigari salt) 60%, soy protein, olive oil, corn starch, apple vinegar, sesame 4%, white onion, sea salt, mustard.

Nutritional value per 100 g Energy value per 100 g. 260 kcal / 1071kJ Fat 20,0 g Of which saturates 2,6 g Carbohydrates 7,0 g Of which sugars 4,0 g Proteins 13,0 g Salt 1,5 g

Storage conditions: Keep in a dry and cool place, without direct access to sunlight. After opening store at temperature up to 8°С up do 7 days.

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