Piquant Spread

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The spread is based on beans, enriched with high quality pea protein, ideal for daily consumption, and you know what the content of this product is – quality and natural ingredients.

The slightly spicy taste of the spread awakes the appetite and senses, and one pack provides nearly 7 grams of pure vegetable protein, easily absorbed by the human body.

Nutritious and delicious, the spread is ideal for a quick meal in the office, for a walk or a picnic in the mountains, as well as a great addition to a variety of recipes.

Съдържание на Веган Пастетите



Ingredients: water, bean, potato starch, tomato paste, pea protein, refined sunflower oil, spices, salt. Net weight – 0, 100 kg.

Nutrition information: 100 g, energy value 889 kJ /214 kCal, Fat 17,6 g, of which saturates2,6 g, carbohydrates 7,0 g, of which sugars 0 g, proteins 6,9 g, salt 1,5 g

Storage conditions: Store up to 25°С. After opening store at temperature up to 8°С up to 1 day.

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