In 2016, we launched our company Green Food, with the mission to produce healthy, quality and delicious food for everyone. We ourselves are connoisseurs of good and quality food, and also people for whom health and proper nutrition are important.

Confident that there are many other lovers of delicious eating like us who look for quality, healthy and accessible food, we have created 3 product lines for the table of every culinary adventurer. Our products are created to bring pleasure and health, they are natural, GMO-free and without artificial flavors and other additives.

We know that we have to guarantee the quality of our products, so we managed to meet the conditions of one of the highest standards for quality and food safety in the world and now we are certified with ISO 22000: 2018. (see here). Our products also have European V-label certificate, as they do not contain ingredients of animal origin, and everything in our food is natural and only plant based.

Products we created with a lot of love, especially for you



The company offers 6 different types of vegetable pastes, suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
Pâtés Oh My Veggies and natural products for people focused on healthy eating, vegans, vegetarians and amateur chefs.
Pâtés are the perfect choice for a quick meal, for a picnic in the mountains, for the office, for a main meal or as an interesting addition to many receptions.

The products are gluten-free, GMO-free and without added preservatives and artificial additives



GourmeTofu tofu mousse is a product born with fantasy and with the pursuit of fantastic taste. With three wonderful flavors, each pack of mousse carries 25 grams of pure vegetable protein.
Its ingredients are carefully selected:
– we create tofu with natural soy and salt nigari, by
– known as the magnesium miracle from Japan.
Nigari is a natural supplement rich in marine magnesium, as well as 100 other mineral salts and trace elements. The soy added to our tofu is completely natural and GMO-free. To create the superb taste of
mousse we use olive oil, sea salt and apple cider vinegar.

The fabulous creatures from the packs of our mousse challenge you to create
is a fantastic taste in any dish.



Wild Woods are exclusive gourmet products of high quality. The series includes chickpea delicacy with three different types of dried wild forest mushrooms:
– Porcini
– Chanterelle
– A trumpet

The products in the series set new standards for healthy, vegan gourmet food. They are free of allergens and artificial additives.